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What does Melanoma look like?

What does Melanoma look like? - A to Z Dermatology

It is important to know the “ABCDE” of melanoma. Again, moles should be uniform in color and shape. “A” stands for Asymmetry. Most melanomas will be asymmetrical, meaning that one half of the lesion will not match up with the other half. “B” is border. Most melanomas will have an irregular border; they will be jagged or notched. “C” is for color. Most melanomas will have irregular colors: They will have various shades of two or more colors including different shades of tan, brown, black or loss of pigment. They usually will not be one uniform color. “D” is for diameter. Most melanomas are bigger than the size of a pencil eraser or 6mm, and “E” for evolving…or change.